About Cybermissions:


Cybermissions is the use of computers and the Internet for the cross-cultural communication of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For articles on this exciting new area of missions CLICK HERE. Cybermissions involves the use of web pages, mobile devices, social media and Internet cafes to share the Gospel. The Internet can also be used for theological training, counseling, and support of missionaries and for pastor training and leadership development.


Cybermissions constantly innovates new ways of doing cross-cultural digital ministry.  One of the recent projects is phronema.org which is a collection of highly specialized search engines that help missionaries get all the data they need with just one search.



Cybermissions offers a six week course in mobile ministry training which runs 4 times per year.  This course will equip you and your organization to share the Gospel on mobile devices, and to do training and discipleship on these new platforms.



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Address: 21615 Berendo Ave., Suite 400, Torrance, CA 90502, Telephone: +1-310-844-6948

Email: digitalopportunities@gmail.com  Follow us on Twitter @cybermissions