Cybermissions Community Computer Center Setup

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There are now two main models both of which use LTSP (Linux Thin Server Protocol) which you can find at LTSP.Org

Original Model
A well equipped new server with between 10-25 donated recycled computers as "dumb terminals" that are connected by LTSP with the main server.

New Model
A well equipped new server plus Raspberry Pi units as thin clients, same numbers 10-25, with monitors, mouse, keyborad etc plugged into the Raspberry Pi units. Again using LTSP.



Useful Websites (you need to be online to use them!)


ICafe Basic Training

5 Hour Basic Training On Establishing Internet Cafes In Urban Slums

MAF Page on Setting Up Internet Cafes and Learning Centers in the Latin World (some great software hints)

Computer Maintenance

Networking & Thin-Client Technology

Thin Client Software

Computer Security


Small Business Training

Running A Computer Center

Computer Center Software

Teaching Computer Courses

Teaching Software