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Articles, videos, slideshares for CityVision courses

Introduction: Theology of Technology Course

What Is Theology?

Major Issues In A Theology of Technology

Introduction Internet Evangelism and Mobile Ministry Course

Interview with Tony Whittaker (MP3 45 mins)

Ken Bringas - How Technology Impacts The Local Church (30 mins)

John Dyer: Further Thoughts On a Theology of Technology

Ken Bringas - How Mobile Technology Is Changing My Role As A Pastor (38 minutes)

Clyde Taber:  Why Mobile? (1hr)

Dave Hackett:  Mobile Ministry and Global Missions Strategy

Antoine Wright:  The Future of Mobile

Tony O'Hagan:  My Journey In Internet Evangelism

recent material, newly added

Theology of Technology In A High Speed World (how technology is shaping our spiritual future in a high-speed, high-diversity world with challnges such as privacy, Big Data and how technology confronts cultures)

Technology and Temptation
How technology is making some forms of temptation increasingly available and how Christians should respond to these challenges.

Technology and the End Times -PowerPoint on how technology is shaping culture and spirituality, transhumansim, posthumanism, cloning, Big Data, when technology is good or evil, the Anti-christ and technology, challenges confronting the Church. PDF version

Incorporating Cybermissions Strategies Into General Missions Approaches (15 page PDF) - how to use Cybermissions startegie sto share Christ, disciple the nations and as aprt of more general missions approaches, so that consistently good results are obtained for the Kingdom of God.

Digital Ministry Project Infographic ( 4 page PDF infographic)  - an overview of key concepts and practices in digital ministry with special reference to missions projects

Mobile Ministry

Mobile Ministry - a PowerPoint on mobile ministry, its vast potential and how to get started in it (pptx format) CMTA 2012

Mobile Apps For Missions - addresses questions such as whetehr to build, buy or tweak, useful apps, statistics about apps and uses of mobile apps in missions. (PowerPoint)

Training In Remote Areas and Mobile Ministry In Remote Areas (PowerPoints from Mobile Ministry Forum 2011)

Wireless Broadcasting To Mobile Phones For Simultaneous Transation of Services and Conference

Video: Mobile Ministry - Discipleship & Theological Education using Mobile Devices (high quality, large format)

Mobile Discipleship PowerPoint (contains many more slides than the video above) How to deliver theological education and discipleship materials to, and via, mobile devices.

Video: Mobile Ministry - Issues With Implementation - things you need to think about hen you devise a mobile strategy (high quality, large format)

The Unreached

Internet Evangelism And The Unreached (PowerPoint: Call2All Los Angeles Global Congress 2011 presentation)

The Next Billion (2011 update) - how to reach the next billion people to arrive on the Internet, mainly from the developing world.

The Contextualization of Technology In Missions (PDF)

Online Training and Education, From Information To Transformation

E-Learning Decisions (how to choose the appropriate pedagogy and delivery processes for e-learning)

From Information To Transformation (updated Oct 2011)- how Internet ministry can become transformational (pptx format)

Training Methodologies Mindmap - how technology can be used in training, with input from MAF Learning technologies and Cybermissions , it is a large PDF diagram, just scroll around within it to view it all.

Brief Survey of Learning Management Systems:   A quick overview of the major distance learning management systems, my selection criteria, and why I ended up using Moodle with LAMS integtraion.

Phronema - the use of Google Custom Search Engines for information management (pptx format)

Overview, the Basics, Older articles

The Future Of Internet Ministry (a PowerPoint written Sept. 2010, feel free to use)

Overview of Cybermissions journal article

How Internet Evangelism & Cybermissions Will Affect The Way We Do Missions In The 21st Century

Lausanne World Pulse Article - Ten Ways The Internet Is Changing Missions

Overview of Cybermissions - Powerpoint

The Missionary Society of 2020

Starting On A Shoe-String  How to get started in Internet Ministry on a very small budget and still be highly effective for the Lord. Tips on planning, designing and marketing your website, things to do and to avoid, and help with funding. PowerPoint format.

Internet Evangelism Day (many resources)

Strategies in Cybermissions - Looks at the most effective way we can deploy Internet evangelism and Cybermissions to facilitate the Global Harvest. This article answers two questions: a) where is the harvest plentiful, the laborers few and Internet connectivity adequate for Internet evangelism to take place? and b) what are the best strategies we can employ to reach those Harvest field? (pdf format)

The Edges of Cyberspace How to reach 'the next billion Internet users' who will come online in the next two to three years as cell phones, PDAs and other devices become Internet capable. They will mainly be from the developing world, have incomes between $2000 - $5000 per year and not have cars, computers or landlines but will use mobile devices and Internet cafes. Incredibly challenging!! PowerPoint format

The 43 Most Suitable Nations For Cybermissions ( a bit dated now see Strategies in Cybermissions article above for a more recent analysis)

The Local Church and Cybermissions

How A Local Church Can Have A Global Presence Through Cybermissions 

Online-Offline Synergies That Dramatically Increase Evangelistic Effectiveness

60+ Tips For Effective Church Websites

Technology, The Future And The Church (PowerPoint)     pdf format (same article)

The Ubiquitous Gospel: What Happens When The Gospel Goes Global (pptx)

PDF version of The Ubiquitous Gospel

Webinar Recording: Ubiquitous Gospel

How To Evangelize The World From Your Computer (PowerPoint from CMTA 2012)


security, information security, online security

A Useful Collection of Information Security Links - over 40 links to get you started in some of the main areas of computer and Internet security

Missionary Safety

An Online Survival Guide For Christians Who Use The Internet

Paul vs. John - Information Security Then & Now (Why Paul Got More Press but John Lived Longer)

How To Suck At Information Security    (article is on someone else's website, funny, but helpful)

Theology and Future

Towards A Theology Of Technology (PowerPoint) (a presentation given at ICCM 2007)

A Few Questions About Theology Of The Internet (10 minute MP3 audio file)

Proposal For A Postgraduate Course in Cyber-Missions and Internet Evangelism

Socio-Technical Humanity :  Technology As Part Of The Image Of God And Task Of The Church

CyberChurch: Can You Really Have An Internet Church?   PowerPoint  PDF   ODP (Open Document Presentation)

The Need For Cybermissions Partnerships

Techno-Spiritual Quotes

technical aspects, radio, Internet cafes etc

Missions Information Systems

Software For Small Radio Stations e.g. Missionary Radio Production

Evangelistic Internet Cafes

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