MishMash the mission webmaster discussion list

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MishMash is a two-way email discussion list for webmasters and web-related teams within mission agencies. It covers several areas:

So often, in the mission and web world, webmasters or small advocacy teams are working in relative isolation, and cannot easily interact with others in their field. Often, too, the wheel is repeatedly re-invented; or inadequate second-class wheels are used because no-one knows how, or where, a better wheel might be obtained!

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MishMash is a joint venture between this Web Evangelism Guide and Cybermissions.Org.

It does not overlap with the valuable ICCM list, which has a much broader focus - the application of technology to missionary endeavor.

Please add information about MishMash to your mission intranet if you have one. The email subscribe address to quote is: mishmash-subscribe@web-evangelism.com