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About John Edmiston

John Edmiston is one of the most innovative Christians I know. He combines technology and innovation with deep theological knowledge with a lifetime of cross cultural missions and working with the poor. He is one of those people that God has used behind the scenes to play a key role in major movements of God across the world. Dr. Andrew Sears, President, City Vision University


John is a man with many gifts, and he has chosen to dedicate his life and talents to using technology for the Kingdom of God. I trust his insights when it comes to technology, education, and working in developing world contexts. Dr. Amanda Sanchez, Executive Director of CaCHE Global


John is an ideas man who gets things done in the global missions scene. With his executive managerial mind, his educational and cybertech skills, and his background in dealing with people, he adroitly works to serve and enable people and projects to move rapidly. Viv Grigg, President, Urban Leadership Foundation

John is not just the grandfather of digital ministry, he continues to be an innovator and thought leader. He cares deeply about the least and the lost. He not only lives this out in the digital world, but he lives it out every day in our world of flesh and blood. Clyde Taber, CEO Visual Story Network

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1. Optimized digital distribution strategies for your area

2. Appropriate technology selection for your program objectives and your budget.

3. Cultural contextualization of your digital ministry for maximum acceptability, sustainability and local buy-in

4. Discovery of your digital strengths

5. Information-To-Transformation processes to maximize your long-term impact and your measurable outcomes.


With over 30 years of technology experience in over 15 nations John Edmiston has the ability to help you focus your digital ministry efforts for optimal outcomes.

John Edmiston teaches Mobile Ministry, for the Mobile Ministry Forum and Theology of Technology and Emerging Media Ministry for City Vision University. He also taught Internet Evangelism as a subject in the MAGL at Fuller Theological Seminary.

He works with 36 Christian organizations as a consultant, board member or ministry colleague and travels extensively.

John will assist you in developing and implementing all aspects of your digital ministry vision.


Clarify your digital ministry ideas so that you can do more of what works well in your area.

Discover the best way to get your content to your audience in the Global South.

Develop a unified digital strategy that focuses your energy and which dodges major pitfalls.

Structure your digital ministry for maximum life-impact, transformation and discipleship outcomes.

Synergize online and offline strategies.

Get a full spectrum analysis & guidance from initial concept to final implementation.


We work expeditiously and get the results you want for a price that you can afford.

Non-profits are charged @ $60 per hour

For-Profits are charged @$125 per hour

Packages and annual retainer agreements available, request for details.










1. Information Is Digital
2. Impartation Is Spiritual
3. Formation Is Personal
4. Transformation Is Communal

These four concepts guide Cybermissions as we help you not just to “dump information” on people but to lead them all the way through to the creation of digitally-enabled transformational and spiritual communities.

We do this by enabling you to:

Create high-quality digital resources

Deliver them widely using appropriate technology

Train facilitators in the use of the resources and technologies to build learning communities

a digital and local movement around your ideas, resources and ministry.



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