Our  CEO is Rev. John Edmiston B.Sc.B.D.  John is a Bible-teacher who is available to speak at churches and conferences.

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Virginia, 22542 (USA)


Phone: +1-310-844-6948




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About Cybermissions

Mission:  Cybermissions uses computers and the Internet to facilitate the Great Commission. It began in Australia in 1994-95.  Cybermissions is now a 501(c)3 tax-exempt religious non-profit registered in the state of Virginia (we just moved there from California) and donations are tax-deductible.


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1. God, Missions and Technology (in that order)

2. To bless those whom most consider least

3. Quality, Wisdom and Biblical Faithfulness



1. Providing courses and resources that are "solid food" for Christians, particularly those in the developing world.


2. Developing software, hardware and systems solutions that have clear Kingdom purposes.


3. Partnering and consulting with gospel movements in Asia and Africa to multiply their impact through the use of technology.


4. Creating awareness of how technology can be used in missions; and training and raising up leaders in the area of technology in missions.


Cybermissions has about a dozen websites and the four main ones are:,, and