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Mobile Ministry Made Easy (40 pages, well illustrated)

"Your Phone - God's Glory: A Hands-On Guide to Using Your Mobile for Ministry"

4 Week Mobile Ministry Training Course

Places To Find Bibles In Many Languages

BibleFinder Search Engine

Scripture Earth




Bible Transmission

Free To Use Bible

World English Bible (a copyright free bible that you can freely use on the Internet, in apps, on websites etc)

Gospel Video

YesHeIs (video witnessing tool)


Global Short Film Network


Faith Comes By Hearing (MP3 Audio Scriptures)

Bible Transmission

Global Recordings Network (GRN)


Filipino lady with phone in city

Basic Practical Skills In Mobile Ministry

What you need to know in order to use your mobile phone for Christian ministry.

Working through this page might be a great exercise for a youth group evening or for short-term missions team preparation. It should only take about one hour to learn everything you need to know! Also you can just scan, and "dive in" at your points of interest!

23 Ways To Use A Mobile Phone In Ministry

Being A Mobile Evangelist (brief videos)

Empowering Short Term Missionaries

 Equipping the Mobile Evangelist

Publishing Your Encounter With God

Sending Reports From Your Cell Phone

Strengthening The Church

Choosing a Phone For Mobile Ministry

Choosing A Phone

Evangelistic Mobile Apps To Help You Share The Gospel

Kolo World App (with audio, video content etc)

List of Gospel Apps For Android

List of Gospel Apps For iPhone

List of Gospel Apps For Nokia S40

Using The Phronema Search Engine To Find Christian Content For Mobile Ministry

The Phronema Search Engine searched hundreds of top Christian websites to find the best content for you with just one click - no more fruitless searching!

Just go to the Phronema Search Engines for:

Mobile Ministry Media (audio, video etc) BibleFinder (bibles in many languages) or for Mobile Ministry (in general)

and type in a search. It can include languages and type of media e.g. "Tagalog MP3" or content e.g. gospel of John. This way you can find film clips, audio bibles and other Christian content for personal use and ministry

Wireless Hotspots

Introduction to Kiosk Hotspots

Transfer from PC to Pocket Hotspot

File Transfer Via USB

USB Transfers PC to Mobile

How To Use SD Cards For Gospel Content

The SD cards used in mobile phones are called micro-SD cards and often have an adaptor so you can also use them on a computer.

You can transfer any kind of content this way: text, photos, audio, video, music, apps, and so on.

A single micro-SD card can hold an enormous amount of useful information!

How To Transfer Files To An SD Card On Your Phone

Inserting An SD Card Into A Phone (you may want to Google how to do this for your particular type of phone)

How To Move an App and Data to an SD Card on an Android Phone

Memory Swap File Transfer

NOTE: You cannot put a micro-SD card in an iPhone. You need to have an Android or other type of mobile phone that has this capability.


Best Practices For Video On Mobile

How To Fix Video Format Problems

How To Use Bluetooth To Share Files (Audio, Music, Video, Apps etc)

(if you get asked for a code when you use BlueTooth "0000" is the default and will work most of the time)

The same method works no matter what kind of file you are sending.

However Bluetooth is SLOW and only works over 10 meters (30feet). So you will want to:
a) use smaller files and
b) be fairly close to the other device.

Computer to Phone Via BlueTooth

A Good Video On How to BlueTooth Between Devices

Phone To Phone also Ehow article

How To Send Apps Via BlueTooth (general)

Easy Sending of Apps Between Android Devices

NOTE: iPhones do not have filesharing via BlueTooth, their BlueTooth is only for the phone headset

Digital Libraries

Library Box Digital Distribution

Digital Libraries, Wired or Wireless?

Copy Digital Libraries To Any PC