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OLAM Autoresponder is a sequential autoresponder which means that it can send out a series of emails in response to just one request. It is good for sending out daily devotionals, bible studies, lessons in a course, evangelism follow-up etc.


It is double-opt-in to prevent spamming. It is highly configurable and PDF attachments are possible. You can set the time between emails being sent out. They can be sent daily, every two days, monthly, whatever you want.


It is written in PHP/MySQL and runs on a LAMP stack.


It is a fork of the abandoned Infinite Autoresponder on Sourceforge. There have been many improvements and security updates. Accidental unsubscribing has been fixed and the ability to resubscribe where you left off has been added.


Olam is Hebrew for eternity/forever ( a take off from "infinite").


OLAM Autoresponder is Open Source and is free under the GPL . You are free to download it, modify it, and use it however you wish (as provided by the GPL).

Team Credits:


Anna Burdette

Bob Farrington
Benjamin Jobson

David Reed

Jared Shoptaw


Covenant College



Useless Manager:

John Edmiston
CEO of Cybermissions


You may contact me with any non-technical questions.